RocketDocs 2.14 Release




Import placeholders: Added the ability to update or create Placeholders in bulk with an Excel import.


Batch notifications: Customize your notifications to send in a summary email at specified time intervals. For example, if you set the time for batch notifications as 2 hours, you will receive all of the notifications from last 2 hours in a single email.


Limited content access by attribute for user groups: Administrators can now restrict ability to view content by any attribute on the user group level.


Improved bulk import: Removed case sensitivity for bulk content import for a more user-friendly experience.


Limit project Archiving ability to project Admins: Archiving capability on projects will no longer be available to Core users without project administration privileges.



Improved button/icon clarity: Display button/icon descriptions on hover to help users navigate the system more easily.



Task Management


Display name of assignor in Control Center ‘My To Do’: Show who has assigned you a task, piece of content or a project in your Control Center in case you have questions.




Save and share searches: Added ability to save frequently peformed searches (including search term, search preferences and filters) and share with team members to reduce clicks and make it easier to narrow down to frequently used subsets of content.


Improved order of search results: Enhanced our elastic search scoring to ensure that most pertinent responses are listed higher in the list of search results.



Narrow autofill criteria: Limit your responses to a specific library or libraries to improve accuracy of autofill.




Updated recent RapidDocs in Control Center: Users can now see the  Document Title column in  “Recent RapidDocs”.


Indicate if questions are required: Added a “Required” column next to questions.

Delete content in bulk: Added ability to select multiple pieces of content at a time to delete.


Generate a RapidDoc from Salesforce: Added ability to generate a RapidDoc directly from Salesforce to reduce clicks.