Jason Pappas tapped as CEO of Frederick software firm, moving HQ to Baltimore

By Morgan Eichensehr – Reporter, Baltimore Business Journal Feb 19, 2019, 12:58pm EST

Jason Pappas is taking over the top spot at a Frederick software firm, and moving its headquarters to Baltimore.

The Anston Advisors managing partner is now the CEO of RocketDocs, and among his first moves in the role is relocating its main operations into his home city.

Pappas said the move will better position the software company to reach its customers stationed in other major cities like Boston and New York, and will also put RocketDocs closer to its lead investor, Camden Partners. RocketDocs’ executive team, along with its sales, marketing and professional services teams will be coming to Harbor East, where he is working the finalize a lease. The company’s finance and technology divisions will remain in Frederick.

RocketDocs, which rebranded from Proposal Software last fall, works with business-to-business clients in the financial services, manufacturing, health care and technology sectors. Among its clients are brokerage, insurance and banking firms, as well as money managers that combined have more than $65 trillion in assets under management.

Pappas, who previously served on the RocketDocs board, said the company would not disclose client names, revenue, financing figures or staff size.

RocketDocs recently launched an updated version of its software platform, called ResponseFull. The platform enables business-to-business companies to better manage mass amounts of data, so they can more quickly and more accurately respond to various business inquiries including requests for proposal, requests for information, scopes of work and due diligence questionnaires. 

“Lots of large enterprises, especially global banks and asset managers, are drowning in data. We think we have an innovative solution for fixing that,” Pappas said. “We say its about managing ‘content chaos’…We help companies manage their data, for the purpose of delivering accurate responses to due diligence questions, RFPs or anything these large organizations need to respond to quickly and accurately, to prevent compliance issues.”

Amid the new product launch, RocketDocs has also brought on several other new executives as well. Penelope Holt, an advertising and marketing expert who has worked with firms like eBay and PayPal, joined the firm as chief marketing officer; Jeremy Steinberg, also a managing partner at Anston Advisors, is the new managing director of professional services; and Steve Grosswald, a serial company-builder who has previously worked at Xerox and Oracle, is now vice president of strategic growth.

Pappas and Steinberg also recently led the Maryland Proton Treatment Center in Baltimore through a $277 million refinancing deal, with Pappas serving as its acting CEO.

“I didn’t necessarily know I was going to jump back into the operating world this quickly, but I’m excited,” Pappas said. “I love the team and I love what we do, and I think there is great opportunity here.”