Mastering Content Management

Audience: RFP Team Manager 
Natasha Mezhebovsky

Thought Leadership Series:

Developing a Tech Stack that
Optimizes Sales Enablement

Building a marketing technology stack to achieve your marketing and sales goals can be overwhelming. The extreme proliferation of marketing technologies makes it challenging to sift through and identify the appropriate solutions that will best enable your marketing execution strategy. With robust tracking and powerful data analytics, marketing technologies play a vital role in virtually all aspects of the marketing and sales cycle — if used skillfully.

It’s important to be meticulous and tactful when acquiring new technologies, concentrating on marketing efficiency, sales productivity, and risk mitigation. Avoid being tempted by flashy technological bells and whistles that won’t add value to your company’s marketing efforts or bottom line.

So how do you begin building a tech stack that will optimize
sales enablement? Let’s break down the process by:

1.Reflecting on your current state to identify technology gaps,

2.Focusing your business goals to strategically align technology, process and operations, and

3.Evaluating  solutions that will streamline the sales process and improve engagement with prospects and customers.

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