Introducing RapidDocs™

In our increasingly complex and fast-moving world it is critical that our teams can deliver the right materials to a client on time and customized for their needs. And by “right materials” we mean accurate, branded, compliant, and consistent with the company’s messaging. That’s why we created RapidDocs, our mobile sales enablement engine that lets you pull content from an approved library and create whatever document you need — whenever and wherever you need it.

Need a proposal in your client’s hands right now? No problem. RapidDocs is able to assemble and configure relevant content on-the-fly. Your sales team can deliver that urgent request or on-the-spot proposal instantly, so you’ll never miss a golden opportunity again.

Field teams can click through a series of questions that defines what content is included and targets the proposal specifically to the customer’s needs. Administrators can give field users the flexibility to customize proposals once the majority of the work is complete, or they can require that every document is generated as a PDF so they maintain complete control over what is sent to customers. The system’s flexibility allows you to implement your information sharing policies.

In addition to document creation, RapidDocs allows users to search, find, and copy content from any library to which they are granted access. Now, users can instantly access compliant, accurate, and consistent data without having to ask other internal teams. No longer will multiple people need to be involved in answering requests for standard sets of information, or will inconsistent or inaccurate information be shared outside the company.

RapidDocs is included in our Enterprise solution, but can also be added on to RocketDocs Plus and RocketDocs Professional if you find that your business is in need of a mobile sales enablement tool to quickly assemble and configure proposals, contracts, and sales collateral.

Start landing those big wins
faster than ever

Let RapidDocs do the heavy lifting and help you assemble and configure proposals with speed and accuracy whenever and wherever you need it.