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Customized, branded documents at the click of a button

Assembling collateral is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process that requires multiple layers of approvals, edits, and design. With RapidDocs™, you can generate branded, customized documents using approved content at the click of a button!

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How it Works

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Create a highly customizable template
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Choose from a selection of content to be auto-added 
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Share a polished product
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A fast, accurate, & scalable solution for your team

Let us handle the heavy lifting: The RocketDocs team can build a custom template for any branded collateral needs.

Customize documents for every scenario
: Select unique combinations of content for each and every use case – the possibilities are nearly infinite.

Use approved branding and language
: Never share a document with outdated information. RapidDocs connects to your content library and automatically uses compliant language.

“Not only are sales representatives creating better proposals, but they’re also doing it in a fraction of the time it used to take, which frees them up to spend more time in front of customers or to pursue more sales opportunities.”

Jamie Ninneman
Lead for the Global Bid and Proposal Management Team

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RapidDocs allows your field teams to self generate proposals from a mobile device. Use RapidDocs to assemble and configure proposals quickly and easily, so you can get proposals to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Learn how easy it is to use RapidDocs, our mobile sales enablement platform to assemble and configure proposals right from your mobile device.

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