RocketDocs 2.15 Release



Automatically create users when logging in through SSO: Admins can now turn on/off ‘Auto Generate SSO User’ in system settings, allowing them to save time by not having to manually create users.





Additional content attributes available in the content view: Added ‘Created Date’ and ‘Last Modified Date’ attributes to provide additional information about a piece of content, based on feedback from our customers.






Additional attribute choices: When setting up a new list attribute, the user can now choose either a ‘Single Select List’ or ‘Multiple Select List.’


New calculation fields: Users are now able to create a calculation field for a project using date fields. For example, a user could create a ‘Days to Complete’ field by subtracting the created date from the completed date.




Searchable dropdown lists in LaunchPad: Added functionality to narrow down picklist options as you type in a LaunchPad picklist, allowing users to locate a value that they are looking for more easily.





Report filters are now sticky: Filters will not reset if a user navigates away from a report and then returns, saving time and clicks.