RocketDocs 2.16 Release


Launched the RocketDocs Document Editor, which allows users to update content records that are stored as attachments directly in RocketDocs. This means that, in most cases, users will not have to download attachments to make changes, saving valuable time and clicks. Note: this feature can be turned off in System Settings.



‘Notes’ and ‘Summary’ fields can now be added to grid view and exports. Please note that the system may require a reindex for the notes to appear in the content grid view for the first time.


Added the ability to search through notes field.




Added the ability to sort on custom attributes.


Added the ability to alphabetize and reorder custom project attribute values.




Any library selections that are applied to an autofill will now carry over to the LaunchPad. For example, if a user limits the autofill responses to only their Marketing Library, LaunchPad will automatically filter on that library until this is changed in the LaunchPad by the user.




Added ‘Restrictions’ to column to Group grid view, allowing Administrators to easily see whether a group has any restrictions in place.



Added option for users to sign in to RocketDocs directly if their organization has single-sign-on enabled. Administrators can enable or disable this feature.




Users can now export attribute values for a single or multiple-select list, for easier attribute review and clean up.


Fixed an issue with exporting and importing placeholders which contained commas.


Added ability to set order for exporting content into a Word document, allowing users to choose ascending or descending order based on up to two attributes.




Optimized the quick filer, filter by date range, and saved search functionality.


Increased the size of the ‘Response Text’ area in the content preview side drawer, allowing users to easily read more of the response.



Salesforce Integration


Added ability to connect more than one Salesforce instance to a single tenant in RocketDocs.


Added field type next to field names in dropdown menus on Salesforce field mapping page.




Added type-ahead functionality to the ‘Template’ field when generating a document, to help users find templates more quickly.