RocketDocs 2.17 Release




Admins can now assign default settings for users that are automatically created via single-sign-on, based on the settings of another system user.




Enhanced filtering functionality for filter dropdown lists to efficiently select multiple attribute values.


The checkboxes above the Content/Project grid are now reactive to search, displaying the number of records in a category based on any searches or filters that are in place.  




When a content record or a project question is assigned, the name of the owner will appear in the email notification for easier reference and follow up.


Added notification for SMEs when they are named as an SME on a content record or a set of content records.


Additional Microsoft Fonts are now available in the Document Editor to allow for more flexibility in formatting of responses.


Project Autofill


Added the ability to narrow project autofill by up to 3 custom or system attributes, in addition to library, to improve the focus and accuracy of autofill.



Improved UI for  RapidDocs Admin and Field Users.

Admin View:

Field User View:


Added the ability to select and move more than one piece of content at a time.


Admins can now move a question to a different section of a RapidDocs template.


Admins can now see reports for Generated Documents at a user level.