RocketDocs 2.18 Release



Added the ability to quick edit content records (for simple fixes like typos) without having to initiate a workflow review process. System admins can choose to enable this functionality (or not) for content admins, SMEs for their content records only, and content owners for their content records only.



Added the ability for a proposal writer to add a custom suggested response to a question before assigning it to an SME for review and approval.


Users can now compare changes made to a content record every time it is saved, not just when published to be able to attribute every edit to a RocketDocs user, for increased accountability.



Search/Library view now defaults to only showing published content.

Added “Monthly” as an option for content review cycle, based on customer feedback.




When downloaded, the names of the documents associated with a project will now reflect the titles from the Documents table, rather than the name of the actual file that was initially uploaded.




Users can now set dates to display as either US (MM/DD/YYYY) or European (DD/MM/YYYY) format, in the web application, depending on their preference.



Added the ability to import values for single select and multiselect attributes for both content and projects. 




Custom attributes are now pulled automatically along with system attributes when generating a document from Salesforce.


RapidDocs admins and Field Users can now delete/bulk delete RapidDocs, as well as perform actions like copy and email from the dropdown.


RapidDocs admins can edit a question and add or delete list values even if they are part of a rule or a ruleset.


RapidDocs admins can easily search and find questions through our newly added search functionality under Questionnaire.