RocketDocs 2.20 Release



Added ability to visually identify the status of content records in the content grid.


rocketdocs release notes


Added ability to add system fields to an attribute profile to enable users to add content to the database more easily and with fewer clicks.


Renamed the inline text field from “Response” to “Short Answer”.



Added ability for Project Administrator to delete projects that may no longer need to be tracked or maintained in RocketDocs 2.0.


Streamlined the process of narrowing down the subset of content used in autofill, to reduce clicks, based on user feedback.



Added ability to mark response edits as project specific customizations or to suggest edits/updates to the content owner from within the LaunchPad. This functionality enables users to contribute to the quality of the content and allows content administrators to better understand how content is being used to continuously improve the quality and utility of the content database.



Added ability to report on individual user log-ins.


rocketdocs release notes



Added ability to link images and inline content to PowerPoint templates and images and inline content can be inserted into PowerPoint documents.


Now RapidDocs Admin can choose the format of the PowerPoint content when it gets inserted in to RapidDoc.


Added ability to use placeholders and attributes in PowerPoint documents to enable users to customize their documents.


Salesforce Integration

Now External Admin can receive an email and notification when there is a new External Request.


Now Systems Admin can sort the RocketDocs Entity, Salesforce Entity, RocketDocs Privileges, Salesforce Privileges fields in Field Mappings table.