RocketDocs 2.24 Release



Administrators can now extend External Files access to all license types, enabling RocketDocs 2.0 to become the single source of truth for your organization.



Users can now access Content Details directly from the Content Grid by clicking on the Question/Topic link, reducing the number of clicks that it takes to access content records.



“Usage Count” will now include the number of RapidDocs uses for a more comprehensive view of content usage. RapidDocs content usage will also be included in the usage table for content records.


Enhanced the content preview formatting of the content record to make it easier to identify the content you are looking for at a glance.


Added ‘Biannual’ and ‘Per Bid’ values for the content “Review Cycle” attribute.


Added the ability to preview images without having to download them.



Added “Assigned To” as a column in the Projects Grid making it easier to identify who is currently working on each project.


Renamed “State” to “Workflow State” for clarity.



Added the ability to preview and download content.



Added a “Manager View” which allows Admins to see all documents generated by the Field Users.


Added filters to the Document Grid to help users more easily find documents.


Made enhancements to the Generated Documents report:

  • Added the ability to filter by date range
  • Changed the layout to bar graph format
  • Added the ability to see documents generated by user and by client



Users can now choose where content gets inserted when linking new content to a RapidDoc template.