RocketDocs 2.25 Release


Added the ability to update project attributes and tags (such as outcome) on a published project for project team members and project administrators.


Added session timeout to the LaunchPad.


Hid the language field across the platform. Organizations who have a multi-language database can now use a custom attribute to track this information.

Renamed “Delete User” to “Deactivate User” to more accurately reflect the name of the operation.

Added the ability to turn off the collaboration feature for those who are not using it, creating more usable space on every page. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have this feature disabled.


Added ability to resize columns in all web browsers except Google Chrome. When columns are resized the change will persist across all web browsers, including Chrome.


Added the ability to preview a RapidDoc as you are generating it.

Added the ability to upload an image to a RapidDoc while as are generating it, for instance, to customize your document with a company logo. Currently available for Word Documents only.