RocketDocs 2.26 Release



The SSO certificate information is now available in System Settings for System Administrators to view.


Added system fields to Bulk Updates Microsoft Word export by default to provide additional context to reviewers.





When a response is inserted via Autofill, it will now be tracked as usage similar to how it would be tracked if it was inserted manually. If a response is subsequently unlinked, it will be removed from the content record’s usage table and usage count.




The Project ID will now display in the first field in the Project table and the Project Excel export by default.


Added the ability to import projects via CSV.




The text of the response will now be displayed in the LaunchPad response box for records where the response is stored as an attachment to be consistent with content records where the response is stored as inline text.





A completed RapidDoc can now be added to a Project without having to download the file.


RapidDocs Administrators now have the ability to email, delete, and copy completed RapidDocs, even if they are not the creator.


Added the ability to create a ruleset for a piece of content straight from the content grid.