RocketDocs 2.28 Release


Content Filters to Remain in Place

Filters set on the content grid will now remain in place until manually changed or reset by the user (even through page refreshes and logouts).  


Enhanced Highlighting of Search Terms

Added highlighting of search terms/phrases in responses stored as attachments (this functionality was previously only available for responses stored as inline text) as well as for exact search terms (search terms in quotations). 


Enhanced Handling of Styles in the Bulk Updates Module

Users can now use this functionality to seamlessly apply/update styles within their content records and sending your records for review will not compromise the styles of your responses. 



Ability to Bulk Delete Project Questions in Word

Added the ability to bulk delete questions that are no longer needed or that were not parsed accurately within the LaunchPad in Word. 



Added Content ID to Response Header in the LaunchPad

The content ID number for each record is now easily visible within the response header when searching for content records within the LaunchPad. 


Added More Specificity to Error Message that Appears When Style in Not Found in Destination Document

Added more specificity to the error message that users receive when a response style is missing from the destination document so that the user is able to understand and resolve the issue. 



Added Ability to Define Styles in Content Settings

You can now import a style template that will store style definitions along with style names within the RocketDocs. This will enable the content administrator to update style definitions easily across content simply by uploading an updated style template. Additionally, users no longer have to update styled responses when a content record is first created because the Document Editor will now contain all your custom styles, enabling users to paste in a styled response. 



Updated Content Usage Grid

New columns have been added to the Usage table titled “Used In – Type” and “Used In – Name.” These columns inform users how and where content is being used when it is used in a RapidDoc (previously this functionality was limited to tracking project usage only). 

Track Content Usage Per RapidDocs Template

Content usage is now tracked for RapidDocs templates along with generated documents.

Export List of Generated Documents to CSV

RapidDocs users are now able to export a list of generated documents to a CSV file. 


Field User Library Access

Added ability for Field users to see content available to them grouped by libraries like other users, in the left-hand menu. 



Added ‘Menu’ Label

Added a ‘Menu’ label to the drop-down menu which appears across the platform. 

Added Ability to View/Action 500 Rows

You can now update up to 500 records at a time (previously the number was capped at 100) enabling users to make content/project updates more quickly and efficiently. Please note that maintaining the 500-row view is not recommended, outside of making mass changes, as depending on your connectivity this view may cause minor lagging. 


Added Type Ahead and Select All/Deselect All Options to Multi-Select Fields

Added Type Ahead and Select All/Deselect All Options across the web application for easier navigation. Look out for similar enhancements coming to RapidDocs and the LaunchPad in a future release. 


Removed ‘Change Password Link’ from User Profile for SSO-Enabled Users

Removed change password link for users who have SSO enabled. upd