RocketDocs 2.31 Release


Added Ability for Content Administrator to Define Document Editor Default/Normal

RocketDocs content admin can now set default and normal styles for their tenants’ Document Editor.  


Styles Defined in Content Settings Now Trump Styles Defined in Individual Content Records

Content admins can now redefine styles and propagate changes across their content with a click of a button.  Content setting-defined styles will continue to be additive to the styles used in each content record, with the system defaulting to style definitions from content settings in case of a conflict in definitions. 



Enhanced Contributor Users Reassign Capabilities

Contributor users can now reassign content records similar to other user types. 

Broadened The List of Potential Reassignees for Content Records

Users who are assigned a piece of content in an enhanced workflow can now reassign the content record to anyone with access to the content record, for easier delegation. 



Added Type Ahead on Custom Contact Attributes

Added type ahead functionality to project custom contact attributes for easier tracking. 

Enabled Filters to Persist on Project Tables

Filters added to project tables will now remain in place until removed, even across log-ins. 



Added Ability to Autofill RapidDocs Fields

Users can now create new Word and PDF project documents using RapidDocs. Project attributes will automatically be inserted into attribute fields that exist in the template during document generation, and the completed document will be added to the project documents grid after it is generated. 


External Requests 

Added A Reference ID Column to External Requests Table

A reference column has been added to the External Requests Table that can be mapped to the ID of an external entity to help with tracking between RocketDocs and integrated systems.