Dodge & Cox

INDUSTRY: Financial Services/Asset Management


Dodge & Cox struggled to find the right content in a timely manner. They were unable to roll out time saving system functionality due to an unorganized and ineffective database structure. Ensuring compliance was a tedious process. Their responses took longer than needed and the effort to complete documents was intense.


RocketDocs Professional services was brought in to create a quick retrieval structure using industry best practices. New workflows were established for adding content and updating reoccurring requests.  A program to track usage metrics was deployed to ensure content reviews are appropriately prioritized and database content remains relevant.


Reduction in RFP Production Time


Dodge & Cox reduced time spent on each RFP by being able to retrieve information quickly and creating capability to update reoccurring requests with a click of a button. New work flows ensured that new content was getting into the database in a timely manner using the newly deployed attribute structure.