The Response Value Chain™ supports key performance objectives

Sales Enablement

Client Retention and Growth

Compliance Adherence and Risk Elimination

Optimization of Staff Resources and Workflow

IT and Business Process Transformation

RocketDocs provides a Client Services team and an end-to-end solution that solves the complex challenge of transforming your content systems into effective business response capabilities

Chief Marketing Officer

How do we maximize sales revenue and protect our brand when we have thousands of RFPs, proposals, and tens of thousands of ad-hoc queries? How do we ensure that the content we deliver in each of these responses is accurate, timely, and on message?

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Chief Revenue Officer

How do we improve sales revenue by maximizing our hit rate on RFPs and proposals. How do we increase face-time with clients while arming reps to answer client queries from their iPhone or iPad when they’re visting clients?

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Chief Financial Officer

How do we easily monitor and measure the success of our sales and marketing efforts, so that we can maximize profitability and achieve optimal revenue forecasting to the street?

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Chief Operating Officer

How do we ensure that our staff is operating at optimal efficiency, enterprise-wide, in order to maximize revenue and minimize cost?

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Chief Compliance Officer

Every response we give to a client or prospect (in RFPs, proposals, SOWs, through our call center, etc.) provides an opportunity for revenue but also carries the inherent risk of noncompliance and legal exposure. How do we reconcile revenue attainment with risk avoidance?

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Chief Customer Officer

How do we ensure that every single customer touch increases the value that we deliver and provides the experience we want across my customer life-cycle?

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Chief Information Officer

How do we leverage enterprise information resources across our numerous platforms, applications and teams?

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Chief Transformation Officer

How do we examine our current workflows so we can leverage our IT resources to optimize staff productivity and best serve our clients?

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Chief Security Officer

How do we ensure our DDQs and security questionnaires are accurate, timely and compliant?

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