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RFP Automation Software: Why Your Business Needs It

Frustrated of watching your RFP writers struggle to use an oldfashioned model of email communication and a disorganized combination of Microsoft products just to respond to RFPs? Here is a breakdown of why you should finally make a change and come to the conclusion that no solution is just no longer an option. Choosing an RFP solution that’s right for you saves precious time that — let’s face it — helps your company’s bottom line.

So, What’s the Hold Up?

It’s easy to think that email communication is the fastest way to share information, or that purely using Microsoft Excel and Word can get the same result with a lower price point. But this simply isn’t true. The backlog of unanswered questions, information lost in disorganization, time spent just trying to wrangle all the information required to answer an RFP — not to mention the redundancy of asking the same questions over and over — is a problem best solved by RocketDocs. Despite the number of options in the response software space, many companies still rely on a manual process to respond to RFPs. This is sometimes due to a lack of time to invest in researching and pricing these options, or the belief that technology would further complicate an already complicated system. As pioneers of the industry over the last 25 years, we know how to make your life easier using our product, so let us convince you that it’s time to move from no solution to RocketDocs.

From No Solution to The Solution

No matter the software, purchasing, implementing, and adopting, a new piece of technology is intimidating and even unsettling. One of the most intimidating things about jumping into a new solution is feeling confident that you picked the best option to fit your needs. Let us make this easy on you, too.

RocketDocs has three solutions to address a range of needs, whether you’re a small, medium, or enterprise business. We offer RocketDocs Core, RocketDocs Enterprise, and RapidDocsTM . Never used an RFP solution before and not sure where you fit? No worries! We have an awesome team of people here to help you find the best option and get you onboarded and rolling quickly and painlessly

Adoption Doesn't Have to Be a Mess

Our customer Success Managers and Professional Services team are unmatched in the RFP world. We have continuously demonstrated an investment in our customer’s success that goes well beyond our competitors and is why we’ve been in business for so long. We offer a selection of support packages based on how hands-on you need us to be. We are flexible experts and veterans of the field and can guide you when you need a hand to hold.

Our product can boast the shortest learning curve in the response industry with its premier features. We believe seamless adoption is a key step with getting your RFP team working comfortably within our program, which is why we developed LaunchPad™. With LaunchPad™, the response team works in his or her native instance of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, reducing training needed for efficient use and implementation.

Gone are the days of having to work within the confines of a software’s set-up. Custom workflows give a company the ability to have the software flex to their processes and workflows. We know each company operates differently, which is why we emphasize the importance of this feature. You don’t have to change every detail of how you operate; let our program conform to you.

We Care Because We've Been There

Many members of our team have been in your shoes before — coming from a background of RFP writing and sales. So, we know the time constraints, pressure to perform, and ever-depleting resources that you frequently find yourself working in. This is why we developed this software, nurtured it, and let it evolve with our customers in mind — because we get it.

Some of our key and unique features are free of charge, simply because we want you to love working with us. And because some things are so essential to workflow, it’s a bit of a no-brainer that you’d need them. We’ve created our program so that subject matter experts have free access to RocketDocs 2.0, meaning SME and responder communication will be better, leading to less frustrated SMEs, and much faster response times.

We Want You to Land Bigger, Better, Faster Wins

Ready to make the change and find the solution that is right for you? Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our products and receive demos of our platform.

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