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Revolutionize Your Document Workflow – Manage RFPs, audits, security questionnaires, and repetitive documentation effortlessly with a unified platform – leveraging two distinct AI models.

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The simple 4-step process

process 1
Step 1
Upload Your Project

Start by logging the project and uploading your project document into RocketDocs. Whether it’s a questionnaire, a survey, or a form, RocketDocs is designed to parse the document, to identify questions, effortlessly.

process 2
Step 2

RocketDocs automatically matches the questions in the project document with the most relevant responses in your Knowledge Base, ensuring that your responses are always up-to-date, accurate, and consistent.

process 3
Step 3
Let Generative AI Fill in the Blanks

Any questions that were not answered, will be put through our Private Generative AI to craft responses based on the information in your Knowledge Base. Generated responses are always highlighted for human review.

process 4
Step 4
Get Your Draft in Minutes

RocketDocs gets you from start to a cohesive and polished first draft, ready for review in minutes.

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Everything You Need In One User-Friendly Platform

Streamlined Project Management

Create a consistent, repeatable process tailored to each RFP with custom due dates, assignments, and workflows designed for your team's success.

AI Autofill and Generative AI

Say goodbye to starting from scratch! RocketDocs intelligently identifies and autofills a significant portion of questions instantly, simplifying your workflow.

Advanced Content Library

Your hub for precise, current information. Experience effortless content management with RocketDocs' intuitive library, making finding, organizing, and updating content simpler than ever.

Flexible Integrations

Work in your comfort zone with full support for LaunchPad™, integrated directly into Microsoft Word and Excel. Access library answers swiftly and guarantee perfectly formatted responses wherever you prefer to work.

Multiple Applications. One Content Library.

Elevate Team Collaboration: RocketDocs is the only platform that unites multiple teams with a single content library, blending AI-driven automation, customizable workflows, and unparalleled ease of use for efficient response management.

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RFP responses in record time.
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Security questionnaires made easy.
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Build proposals in minutes.
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G2 consistently acknowledges RocketDocs as a leader in Response Management, a testament to our proven track record and positive customer feedback.
RocketDocs is a leader in Enterprise Proposal on G2
RocketDocs is a leader in Enterprise User Adoption on G2
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Frequently Asked Questions

RFP software helps companies manage and track their RFP responses in a collaborative platform, automating many of the processes. RFP software like ours allows you to:
  • Organize your content and have one source of truth
  • Automate the response process and get to a first draft in minutes
  • Ensure your review and approval process is consistent with questionnaires handled by your team
  • Much, much more!
RocketDocs can cater to any repetitive documentation (RFI, RFX, DDQ, VSQ, security questionnaires, etc.), not just RFPs! Our RFP software is especially beneficial for industries such as asset management, banking, healthcare, technology, and others.
RFP response management guides the RFP through the lifecycle from bidding to developing a proposal to submit to your customer or prospect. With RFP software, managing this process becomes streamlined and efficient.
Having RFP software that automates much of the RFP process is imperative to a sales or proposal team’s success. RFP software provides you with one central location for all your content. It allows collaboration among teams, gets you to a first draft faster, and allows you to track progress along the way.
Along with having one source of truth for your content, our RFP software also enables success with the following solution features:
  • AI-driven, first draft in minutes
  • Customizable project workflows
  • Automated SME notifications
  • Available audit trails and version control
When choosing RFP software, you want a solution that provides white-glove customer service along with a support portal. This is important to your success in using any new platform. A few other features you want in RFP software include:
  • An intuitive content library structure
  • Project workflows and project tracking
  • Private Generative AI to ensure data security
  • Autofill AI to have a first draft in minutes
  • Audit trails and version history
  • Ability to save appendices such as images, diagrams, charts, and more
  • The ability to work natively in Word or Excel
  • Coauthoring/collaboration tools
  • CRM integrations
RocketDocs is SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified. All data stored in RocketDocs RFP software is encrypted at rest using AES-256. For additional information on organizational, product, data, and privacy security at RocketDocs, please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Trust Center.
RocketDocs uses a hybrid approach to AI in its RFP software. The first layer uses autofill, matching high-confidence answers to questions. The second layer is our private, generative AI.

No more starting from scratch! RocketDocs RFP software will identify and autofill responses using pre-approved responses from your knowledgebase. Responses that are not able to be answered directly with existing responses can be filled in using our Private Generative AI functionality, which uses the information in the knowledgebase to craft responses. Generated responses are always highlighted for human review. As more and more answers are selected and added to the knowledgebase, the system gets smarter and makes better recommendations.

The use of two layers of AI gets you to a first draft in seconds!
RocketDocs offers a full suite of support services. Our customer success team is available to answer questions and offer best practice recommendations. Our customer support portal has self-service tools including step-by-step articles, webinars, and video walkthroughs of our platform. Additionally, RocketDocs offers professional services for larger projects or detailed consulting engagements.

By optimizing the use of RFP software, your team can achieve higher efficiency and better results in managing proposals across various industries.