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Key Features Compared

Both RocketDocs and Loopio share a number of key features in common, such as a centralized content library, AI-driven autofill, and a variety of software integrations.

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RocketDocs Key Features

RocketDocs is a comprehensive platform tailored to enhance the response process for various documents, including RFPs (Request for Proposals), RFIs, and DDQs.

One of its standout features is the ability to work natively within Microsoft Excel or Word, ensuring a seamless experience for users familiar with these applications. Collaboration is made effortless with RocketDocs 2.0, especially when engaging with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

The platform also boasts a rapid content search capability, making it easy to locate and utilize relevant information.

RocketDocs also offers a bidirectional Salesforce connector, enhancing its integration capabilities. The platform’s LaunchPad feature provides users with various methods to respond to questions efficiently. Another notable feature is the Control Center in RocketDocs 2.0, which aids in project management.

The BioBuilder tool simplifies the addition of employee bios and headshots to various documents. Additionally, RocketDocs leverages artificial intelligence with its Autofill feature, streamlining the response process.

The platform also ensures user-friendly content management, allowing for easy search, filter, and assignment of questions to SMEs. Lastly, RocketDocs 2.0 is mobile-responsive, enabling users to assemble and share proposals directly from mobile devices.

Loopio Features Overview

Loopio includes a number of similar features as well, including an AI-driven autofill, a cohesive content library, and an easy to use interface. Loopio’s collaborative Project Workspace allows multiple teams to work seamlessly on RFP projects, promoting teamwork and efficiency.

Loopio integrates with popular tools like Microsoft Excel and various CRM platforms, enhancing its usability. The service also utilizes robust security measures to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance.

The choice between RocketDocs and Loopio would largely depend on an organization’s specific needs and preferences. If a company heavily relies on Microsoft applications and values advanced AI-driven autofill capabilities, RocketDocs is likely to be a better fit.

If collaboration across multiple teams and a cloud-based solution are top priorities, Loopio could be a good fit as well. It’s essential to evaluate the unique requirements of the organization and the features of each platform before making a decision.

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RocketDocs vs Loopio: Our Verdict

Loopio and RocketDocs are two leading RFP management solutions, both with a unique subset of features and advantages.

While both offer a robust service for those looking to simplify their procurement, RocketDocs unique approach and comprehensive software integrations make it the best option for those looking for the most flexibility possible.

RocketDocs offers an all-inclusive solution, encompassing the RFP procedure as well as a comprehensive range of analytics, administrative access controls, and CRM integration capabilities.

For these reasons, we recommend our tool RocketDocs due to its extensive set of features, diverse applications, and thorough support. However, individual requirements can differ, so it’s crucial to thoroughly assess the pros and cons of each option before finalizing your choice.

In the following section, we will outline the fundamental features of each service and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Why RocketDocs:

RocketDocs Logo


  • Advanced AI-driven autofill and template creation speeds up your workflow
  • Analytics and reporting enables real-time feedback on performance
  • Flexible pricing options


  • No free trial (but you can grab a demo or use the sandbox for free)


  • Offers collaboration across many teams in a simplified structure
  • Robust community and learning resources


  • No Microsoft-specific integration, such as LaunchPad
  • Mobile experience may vary

Choosing an RFP Management Service: Key Factors to Consider

Selecting the appropriate document management system is crucial for streamlined business processes, enhanced procurement effectiveness, and robust data protection. Before finalizing your choice, evaluate aspects like the system’s functionalities, compatibility with existing tools, cost-effectiveness, and security protocols.

Factors to Consider

Below are are some key factors to consider when choosing a document management service:

  • Budgetary Constraints: Align your budget with the service’s pricing models to ensure you achieve optimal value.
  • User Experience: The platform should be intuitive and straightforward to navigate.
  • Interoperability: The service should seamlessly integrate with your existing software to maintain a fluid workflow.
  • Document Access and Organization: The platform should facilitate effortless storage, categorization, and retrieval of documents.
  • Data Protection and Regulatory Adherence: Ensure the system complies with relevant data protection standards and industry-specific regulations.
  • Growth Potential: As your enterprise expands, your document management requirements may evolve. Choose a system that can adapt to these changes.
  • Collaborative Features: If document collaboration is essential, opt for systems that support features like simultaneous editing and version tracking.
  • Customer Assistance: Prioritize services known for their prompt and dependable customer support.
  • Storage Options: Evaluate the system’s storage offerings. Some platforms provide cloud-based storage, ensuring access from any location.
  • User Feedback: User reviews can offer valuable insights into the system’s dependability and efficacy.

In the end, the ideal platform will be tailored to your organization’s unique requirements and operational context.

What is RocketDocs?

RocketDocs is a dynamic platform tailored to enhance the response mechanism for RFPs, audits, security assessments, and beyond.

Consider it your central hub for handling recurring documents, boasting an integrated platform with a communal content library accessible to various teams. Its prowess is rooted in its collaborative essence, facilitating swift, orderly, and compliant RFP replies.

RocketDocs rich feature set empowers you to oversee prompt RFP feedback, streamline security surveys, craft tailored proposals, generate marketing materials, and so much more.

Additionally, its compatibility with Microsoft products is accentuated by LaunchPad™, enabling you to operate directly within Microsoft Word or Excel.

At the heart of RocketDocs is its content library, a reservoir of precise, current data that your enterprise can effortlessly categorize and refresh.

And to make things even smoother, RocketDocs harnesses the power of artificial intelligence for autofill capabilities, obviating the need to initiate responses from the ground up.

What is Loopio?

Loopio is a cloud-based platform tailored to enhance the response process for RFPs (Request for Proposals), audits, security questionnaires, and more.

It centralizes the best RFP content, automates responses, and promotes seamless collaboration across teams. With its smart Library, users can quickly access accurate and up-to-date information, eliminating the tedious task of sifting through old files.

Loopio’s intelligent automation tools simplify the response process, while its collaborative Project
Workspace ensures that every completed project enhances the content library, making future RFP responses more efficient.

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  • Meets requirements
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of migration
  • Ease of integration with other products
  • Quality of support
  • Good partner in doing business
  • Product direction
  • Return on investment
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Company Details


Founded: 1994
Located in: Dallas, Texas


Founded: 2014
Located in: Toronto, Canada

RocketDocs FAQs

Are there trial versions available for RocketDocs?

RocketDocs offers a customer demo upon request, and also features a robust “sandbox” environment that allows users to get a feel for how the software operates.

What kind of assistance can you expect from RocketDocs?

RocketDocs provides an extensive range of support options, including a chatbot for basic inquiries and a ticketing system for more complex concerns. Find RocketDocs support here.

Who uses RFP software?

RFP (Request for Proposals) software is primarily used by businesses and organizations that frequently respond to RFPs or other similar requests.

Any entity that frequently engages in the proposal process, whether issuing or responding to RFPs, can benefit from RFP software to make the process more efficient and effective.

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