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What Technology Firms Should Look for in an RFP Solution

The technology industry faces a competitive pace unlike any other. The challenge of producing the most cutting-edge product is constant and unwavering. With so many competing priorities, winning and retaining business through RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, and security questionnaires should be as quick and painless as possible.

Your RFP solution should be built with technology companies and software providers in mind. It’s crucial to seek out an efficient, effective solution that is easy to use and will adapt to the needs of your business or industry. The right tool should not only have the technology you need but provide the support to guide you through onboarding and implementation.

Here is a quick glance at some key features that can help you manage RFPs with ease:

Unlimited Free SME Access:
To help RFP teams be proactive rather than reactive, choose a solution with user license options to set up your team for success. Look for options like unlimited free SME access, so the right teammates can access the right material before that looming deadline approaches.

Ability to Work in Your Native Tools:
Take the stress off new teammates and reduce the training time needed for onboarding by working natively in tools they are already familiar with. Utilize RFP solutions that allow your team to work natively in Word or Excel, saving time and frustration and eliminating adoption time for new users.

Autofill Capability:
Save your team countless hours by utilizing autofill. Autofill reduces the time it takes to complete recurring questionnaires and RFP questions by supplying the most compliant, up-to-date information at the click of a button. This way, you can focus on the more complex, customized questions.

AI/Smart Response Technology:
Don’t sacrifice speed for accuracy. Machine learning and AI technology can be used in many ways but is particularly useful for searching your content library so you can instantly pull up-to-date answers for quicker response times.

Customizable Workflows:
Leverage customized approval processes in your RFP proposal tools to ensure that every piece of content is accurate and compliant. Update deadlines, and assign content and projects to relevant SMEs so nothing ever slips through the cracks.

Are you ready to scale your growth by investing in an RFP automation tool designed to streamline your processes and address your specific RFP challenges? Choosing the right tool for your unique needs can be a challenge, and sometimes it’s tough to know where to start. Let us help you find the right tool to fit your needs.

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