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Top Health Insurer Reduces COVID-19 Response Time Thanks to RocketDocs

Sales enablement technology company RocketDocs has reduced health information response time from 20 minutes to less than two for a top-five health insurer serving more than 40 million U.S. members amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experiencing a growing flood of inquiries from members, brokers, employers and providers, and struggling with versioning to ensure responses were accurate, timely and compliant, the health insurer engaged RocketDocs to provide a solution.

Implemented in 72 hours and requiring no staff training or internal IT support, the ResponseFull™ managed service platform powered by RocketDocs has played a critical role in the insurer’s ability to effectively get up-to-date information to its constituents as quickly as possible.

Now, the company’s COVID-19 Response Team can filter Q&A language by customer type, location and other criteria to assemble and disseminate relevant response information in seconds. A managed service back end allows staff to update language as it changes, eliminating versioning issues in the critical communications chain.

FEMA’s training on communication during an emergency tells us that information sharing is as critically important as food or water. The speed of contagion of COVID-19 and impending overwhelm of healthcare settings is leading to the associated wave of data and information management overwhelm. The sooner we support information infrastructures, the more likely we are to meet the growing demand for accurate information.

“We are ready and equipped to be a part of the solution to address and prevent challenges associated with health information dissemination during this critical time,” said RocketDocs CEO Jason Pappas.

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