Lord Abbett

Financial Services/Asset Management
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Lord Abbet’s Messaging Team was facing a steady increase in number and complexity of requests and were struggling to keep up, despite adding personnel and working longer hours. The team manager and content manager were continually being pulled in to help the team which resulted in delays in getting relevant content into the database and led to the team having to work from a database of outdated content.

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RocketDocs conducted a robust end to end process analysis and identified several opportunities to remove single points of failure, reduce redundancies and improve efficiency through training on platform functionality.  As part the training the team collaborated with RocketDocs to craft a new simplified process for adding content to the platform to ensure that the database remains compliant, up-to-date, and relevant.


Increased Productivity

Content Summary on RocketDocs App
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By utilizing additional system functions the team was as able to streamline the DDQ process thereby decreasing turnaround times and improving productivity. Additionally, reducing the lag between when content is written and when it is approved/put into the database reduced reliance on subject matter experts and improved collaboration.

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