RocketDocs 2.42 Release


Include Inline Text & Attachment Responses in Word Bulk Updates 

When exporting content into Word via Bulk Updates, users will now be able to see and edit both the short responses and attachment responses in the Word file. Previously, the system was limited to including one response in the bulk updates file, defaulting to the attachment response if one was included. 



Version Tracking Enhancements

Users can now track changes and revert both short responses and attachment responses, against prior versions of the same response. Previously the system was limited to tracking versions of one response, defaulting to the attachment response if one was included. 




Enabled In-App Notifications to Support HTML Formatting

Create compelling and informative notifications using HTML codes. This formatting will apply to in-app and email notifications. Please see the document here for more information. 

Coming Soon

Generative AI 

Later in February 2024 RocketDocs will release the beta version of Generative AI, with general release expected in March.  

Our Approach to Generative AI for Private Data 

For customers wanting to make the most of their private data, at RocketDocs our next generation Generative AI will offer a secure in-house solution.  It doesn’t make calls outside our system to third parties, so your data never leaves our environment.  This means RocketDocs can answer more questions for you without the unnecessary additional risk of sharing your data with third party systems, like ChatGPT.  

  • It is private, using only your data 
  • Generates answers by stitching together a response based on facts contained in your content library 
  • Nothing leaves our servers 
  • Leaves fewer blanks when prepopulating responses 
  • Generated responses are highlighted for human review and once approved are by available for future use 
  • Unlike third party general models, ours will enable uncensored, fine-tuned models 

Two Layers of AI are Better than One. 

Two layers of AI. One generative, one non. This gives you the ability to have appropriate safeguards to minimize the chances of “hallucinations” accidentally making it into materials. The non-generative AI will always be run first, this AI will always pick directly from a preapproved subset of content library responses. With information from your library always being pulled first, our generative AI will not have the chance to create a backlog of duplicate responses, which is a problem many companies that use Generative AI will face. 

Once the non-generative AI work is finished, the generative AI can be invoked to help to respond to remaining questions. The answers filled in by the generative AI are purposely treated as drafts and highlighted for the writer, until they have been reviewed and approved by a human. Once approved, the newly created responses become part of the RocketDocs libraires, to be available for use by the non-generative AI. This helps to ensure that reviewed and approved content always receives priority, before the generative AI is used. 

By integrating these AI tools and features into RocketDocs, you can streamline the response management process, improve the quality of responses, and increase your organization’s overall success, accuracy and efficiency.