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SAP’s sales teams manage thousands of deals and respond to thousands of RFPs annually. While the bid and proposal team’s time is consumed with creating formal RFP responses, the organization cannot support the needs of every proposal while developing new business. To add further complication, product offerings and features are constantly evolving, rendering old content irrelevant and noncompliant, and SAP’s massive collection of content is centrally stored and shared across communication systems and geographies.

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The Global SAP Bid and Proposal Management Team saw an opportunity to leverage the content management power of ResponseFull™ combined with SalesDocs™ to implement a robust self-service platform designed to support sales opportunities that fall outside of the team’s capacity, or for parts of the business outside of the current support scope. Self-service now automates much of that sales proposal process.


Faster Proposal Creation

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SAP’s sales teams could now create proposals in ten to fifteen minutes, whereas before it took them between four to six hours to complete this task on their own. SalesDocs™ (now upgraded and renamed, RapidDocs™ enabled the sales team to move toward an automated, self-service model. Compliance was guaranteed, and the sales team could truly focus their energy on developing new business.

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