How RocketDocs Is Building The Future Of Response Management

In an era where artificial intelligence is reshaping entire industries, separating signal from noise has never been more important. AI solutions have the potential to revolutionize professional efficiency, but an overreliance on unspecialized models can also lead to severe blowbacks for businesses.


At RocketDocs, we understand that the key to leveraging AI effectively lies in striking the perfect balance between innovative technology and reliable accuracy. It’s not just about jumping on the AI bandwagon; it’s about choosing the right AI partner who can navigate the complexities of your industry while highlighting your unique strengths.


A Multilayered Approach To Intelligence

RocketDocs’ AI implementation comprises two distinct models: our Non-Generative AI and our Next Generation Generative model. The reason for this is simple: the dual system approach leverages the strengths of generative AI while constraining its ability to hallucinate in cases where accuracy is vital.


The Legacy AI, a repository of previously accepted answers and human interactions, serves as a robust, trusted reference base. In contrast, the Next Gen AI is designed to be generative, handling new, uncharted queries in an intelligent, predictive manner.


This synergistic combination allows RocketDocs to strike a balance between reliability and innovation. While the Legacy AI ensures accuracy and consistency, drawing from a vast pool of pre-vetted information, the Next Gen AI introduces a level of creativity and adaptability that is ideal for previously unseen contexts.


Handling Requests for Proposals (RFPs) with Precision and Creativity

The application of this dual model system is most evident in how RocketDocs handles RFPs. The process begins with the Legacy AI, which efficiently matches incoming RFPs to similar, previously addressed queries. This step ensures the responses are grounded in established knowledge and past successes.


For queries that are unique or require a more nuanced approach, the Next Gen AI takes over. Herein lies the core of RocketDocs’ innovation: the ability to generate creative, yet factually accurate responses. This generative AI doesn’t just replicate past answers; it constructs new ones (but only when appropriate), drawing from a broad linguistic palette while adhering to the factual rigor that is crucial in professional settings.


Embracing a Hybrid Model for Optimal Results

While many companies are touting the advantages of 3rd party LLMs like ChatGPT and others for response management, we have seen firsthand the limitations of a purely generative approach. At RocketDocs, we are opting instead to lean on our hybrid solution, which brings out the best in both models. This strategy recognizes the importance of a solid factual foundation, provided by the Legacy AI, while still allowing room for the creative problem-solving capabilities of the Next Gen AI.


The integration of these two systems ensures that the responses are not only innovative and tailored but also grounded in proven knowledge. AI solutions are often seen as tools for efficiency, primarily used for automating routine tasks. RocketDocs, however, recognizes the growing demand for AI that can handle complex, creative problem-solving without compromising on factual integrity.


This shift is also evident in our approach to model development. By focusing on industry-specific models, RocketDocs is acknowledging the diverse needs of different sectors, offering more tailored and effective AI solutions. The practical application of our AI extends to its integration with popular document platforms like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. This seamless integration, where suggestions and improvements are offered directly within the user’s workflow, exemplifies RocketDocs’ user-centric philosophy.


Furthermore, special care has been taken to create a minimal attack surface by keeping our proprietary solution entirely in-house. This aspect is crucial, especially in a world increasingly concerned with data security and privacy. While other companies may lean on outside sources, limitations on penetration testing exist in these cases, and already we have seen high-profile examples of data breaches in companies like OpenAI and others.


Leading with Innovation and Integrity

“Creative with language, not with facts.” This mantra has been our north star when developing our in-house AI applications, allowing us to set a new standard in an industry that is changing at a breakneck pace. By harmonizing the reliability of legacy systems with the innovative potential of generative AI, RocketDocs is not just providing answers; it’s crafting solutions that are as intelligent and dynamic as the queries they address.


As technology continues to evolve, our focus on industry-specific solutions, security, and seamless integration will continue to guide our process. Want to learn more?

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