RocketDocs Announces the Relaunch of ProServ Offerings: One-Time Solutions

RocketDocs is excited to announce that it is relaunching its Professional Services (ProServ) for new and existing customers. Since we know one size DOES NOT fill all, these services range from:  

  • One-time solutions – Which may solve a specific problem you and your team are having 
  • Monthly recurring services – Which may build systems and support that help solve problems like supporting your RFP/DDQ efforts or helping you manage your content in real time when workloads spike or resources decrease.  
  • One-off solution – This may help you and your organization solve a specific problem for you and your organization. 

Customers new and old who wish to learn more about our ProServ offerings can reach out to one of our skilled team members who can get you started with one of our many services. 

While RocketDocs offers a multitude of ways to solve your problems and aims to empower you and your team every day, we know sometimes some extra help is needed. The RocketDocs team is ready to be that extra help thanks to our ProServ offerings. Explore some of our one-time services below: 

  1. Content Cleaning 
  2. Process Best Practice Design 
  3. Baseline Assessment 

Content Cleaning 

This service is a one-time opportunity that aims to help you and your team optimize your content library. RocketDocs knows that sometimes your libraries can get disorganized, out of date and SME’s can often change regarding who “owns” certain pieces of content. In these instances, a one-time manual pass can sometimes be needed.  

This content cleaning service will help complete content validation, archive stale/unused records, and scrub your attribute structure. With a cleaner content library, we’ve found that customers have been able to further reduce their response times along with ensuring accurate, compliant, and up-to-date content.  

RocketDocs’ Content Cleaning One Time service is an investment that can start for as little as $2,500. To purchase this service or learn more, reach out to one of our skilled team members. 

Process Best Practice Design 

As the founder of the RFP/DDQ automation space, we can bring our nearly 30 years of company experience to you and your organization. We can analyze and assess your response team’s process and design and recommend best practices that we most often see inefficient customers in the asset management, finance, insurance, engineering, and other industry verticals.  

Again, this is a one-time service and may be the right choice for you. 

Baseline Assessment 

This service is again a one-time opportunity that aims to help you and your team gain a deeper understanding of your company and its needs and builds upon the above “Process Design”. For RocketDocs to serve you to the fullest, we want to help you understand exactly how RocketDocs can help your company succeed.  

This baseline assessment service will be conducted by the RocketDocs team and includes interviews with stakeholders, surveys of the expanded team, process improvement recommendations, and near, mid, and long-term recommendations. RocketDocs has seen that companies who choose a baseline assessment increase their buy-in and adoption of change across their organizations. This assessment helps ensure industry best practices are in place and make sure the best-in-class system is designed for your firm. 

RocketDocs’ Baseline Assessment starts at an investment of $25,000. To purchase this service or learn more, reach out to one of our skilled team members. 

With RocketDocs’ ProServ solutions, it has been proven that companies have recouped their investments in time saved and knowledge growth. RocketDocs aims to empower its users, new or old, and these services are yet another way the RocketDocs team can help you, your team, and your company achieve your goals. 

Be on the lookout for the next few releases where we will take a look at our other Monthly Recurring services as well as our fully custom One-Off Custom Solutions.