3 Benefits of a Proposal Generator

What is a Proposal Generator? 

A proposal generator tool helps you effortlessly build customized documents that will ‘Wow’ your reader. Creating an effective business proposal involves a combination of skills. You must write a compelling and persuasive pitch, the design must elegantly reflect your brand, and you must ensure all the content is accurate. Starting each new proposal from scratch is a time-consuming approach.

A proposal generator (also called a proposal builder, or proposal management software) helps you streamline this entire process. Proposal generators are web-based applications or software that allow you to build, manage, and store proposals and proposal-related documents. You can generate proposals quickly and easily, and send them out to potential prospects.

What Does a Proposal Generator Do?

A proposal generator allows you to automate the process of creating and distributing proposals, presentations, and other sales collateral. It does this by automating time-intensive tasks, and streamlining how you compile content. The key features of proposal generators are;

  • Customized branded templates
  • Edit proposals to tailor to your prospect’s needs
  • Dynamically populate content from your content library
  • Ensures content is accurate & speeds up approval
  • Work directly in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 
  • Export and broadcast your proposal to prospects

Proposal generators can give you the confidence to build proposals quickly, without cutting any corners. They are used by sales teams across industries and sectors. So what are the 3 key benefits of using a proposal generator? Let’s take a look.

3 Benefits of a Proposal Generator

1. Create custom proposals in minutes

The biggest benefit of using a proposal generator is how much time you’ll save. By working only with approved content, you’ll no longer need to go through multiple approval stages to ensure your design is brand compliant, and the content is accurate and factual. Instead, you’ll work with pre-approved templates, and a content library that has a quality assurance review cycle of its own. This will cut out the need for endless internal sign-off.

All proposals are unique, and should be tailored to the needs of the prospect. But that doesn’t mean that each proposal should begin with a blank page. Working from a pre-designed template will already feature the brand styling such as colors and fonts, the content hierarchy, overall layout, and general information about your company. The template will also feature placeholders and attributes that can be edited. You can customize these sections, to create a unique sales proposal that meets the individual needs of the prospect. Adding unique pictures, graphs, and logos to your proposal is simple. Personalizing your proposal can really help make it stand out, and increase your overall hit rate.

The National Mortgage Insurance Company (NMI) uses RapidDocs proposal generator to build customized proposals in less than 10 minutes, a process that previously took several hours! By leveraging a central content library, the NMI team builds compliant proposals without having to consult with Subject Matter Experts for approved content.

2. Store proposals, templates, and content in one place

Proposals require the compiling of information from right across your business. Design templates, up-to-date figures, previous proposals that were drafted for a prospect operating in a similar industry. Centralizing all of these assets into a single content library will give you an invaluable resource for completing future proposals, without having to start from scratch each time.

Templates can be easily accessed and updated when necessary. Content management features allow you to grant access to necessary persons, allowing them to update content. You can also view records of what changes have been made to the content library, and when.

A well-structured content library will enable everyone involved in the proposal process to navigate the folders, and both upload and download the assets they need. This will save time, and enable you to focus your energy on creating the best proposal possible!

3. Increase accuracy and consistency of your proposals

A centralized content library will become a single source of truth for accurate, up-to-date information to use in your proposals. This repository will prevent you having to sift through past proposals for information, which could have since become out-of-date and unusable. A quality-assured content library will ensure the accuracy of your proposals, with changeable information such as financial figures, compliance policies, and industry awards. It will likely also reduce human errors that characterize manually generated proposals.

Drawing information from a single source will also help achieve consistency. It only takes one poor section to let the entire proposal down. The design, layout, and tone of voice of your proposals should be consistent throughout. Despite the information originating from across departments, you can create high-quality, professional proposals to send to your customers.

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