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How To Draft a Winning Sales Proposal – 5 Tips

What Is A Sales Proposal?

A sales proposal is a document that pitches your product or services to a prospective client. It details the deliverables, benefits, and costs. A successful sales proposal should outline what your product or service is, the value that it can create for your prospective client, and why your team is qualified to deliver this value (ideally by illustrating similar projects you’ve delivered in the past). The goal of an effective sales proposal is to impress and reassure the prospective client, and win their business.

5 Tips for a Winning Sales Proposal

Drafting a sales proposal can be a daunting task, particularly with an inevitably tight deadline looming. We understand that there are a seemingly endless number of considerations to factor in, and this may seem overwhelming. But don’t fret! It might seem hard to believe – but it is possible to draft a winning sales proposal in minutes, not days! Here are our 5 tips to help you create the ultimate sales proposal;

  1. Start from a template

  2. Focus on the benefits for your prospect

  3. Include testimonials and case studies

  4. Present multiple pricing options

  5. Ensure all information is accurate

1. Start from a template

Starting your proposal from a template will allow you to hit the ground running, saving you time than if you were starting from scratch. A template will ensure that your sales proposals are consistent in terms of formatting and branding. Coordinating structure, color schemes, fonts, and graphics will make your sales proposals cohesive, and your organization appear professional and credible.

Include space for visuals. Charts, graphs and process flows can often communicate information more efficiently and effectively than text. They can help highlight important points and make your proposals easier to read. A sales proposal that has a satisfying visual design will help you stand out from the crowd. Remember: Keep your sales proposals clear, simple and organized!

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2. Focus on the benefits for your prospect

It’s easy to list all the fantastic features of your product/service. But don’t fall into the trap of focusing on yourself. Put your client at the center of your proposal. Show your client that you understand their unique needs. What challenges do they face, and what is happening in their industry? Then you can apply the capabilities of your product, as to how it can help solve their problems, and seize opportunities. Don’t just list what your product does – but highlight the value it will generate for them.

Do your research! Let your prospect know this proposal is geared toward them – and that you understand who their competitors are, and what demands their industry requires of them. A personalised, relevant sales proposal will be much more effective than a generic, cookie-cutter proposal.

3. Include testimonials and case studies

Prove your value and experience by including case studies, testimonials and performance statistics. Writing an effective sales proposal requires you to include statements of how fantastic your products are. But make sure you support your claims with proof! Prospective clients are much more likely to believe in your marketing, if you highlight your industry experience using past case studies, and testimonials from relevant clients.

Save time by preparing a number of case studies, and having them stored in a content library. You can then pick the most relevant testimonials and case studies to include in your sales proposal, based on the prospect. Don’t simply paste them in – Outline why the information has been included, in relation to your prospective reader.

4. Present multiple pricing options

As you’re thinking with your prospect in mind – understand that a number of internal factors will influence their purchase decision. Your prospect might be on board with your solution, but your service must also match their budget. Instead of presenting 1 option – include 3 (or more!) options at different price levels. This gives you a greater chance of meeting their price expectations. Rather than shopping around your competitors for price options – you’re effectively setting yourself as your own competition!

By presenting each solution at various price points, your prospect can gauge the value of each package you’re offering. Remember: Order your package prices from low to high! This will reduce any initial shock, and will allow you to highlight the additional benefits they receive with each incremental pricing tier. Having your standard pricing packages already prepared will save you time whilst drafting your sales proposal. But again – Personalize your service to your prospective client’s needs wherever you can!

5. Ensure all information is accurate

It almost goes without saying, but you must ensure that all information included in your sales proposal is up-to-date and accurate. Particularly if you are operating within heavily regulated industries such as finance or healthcare, accuracy is imperative. Presenting incorrect figures, even unintentionally, can land you in trouble.

A quality assurance process can help you achieve accuracy, such as storing all your information in a centralized content library. This content library can become your single source of truth for accurate, up-to-date information to use in your proposals. You can assign colleagues the responsibility of keeping changeable information up-to-date, such as financial figures, compliance policies, and industry awards. This content library will save you time whilst drafting your sales proposal, by streamlining your quality assurance stage!

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