RocketDocs and Door Are Newly Integrated

RocketDocs and Door have collaborated on a new service that allows asset managers to streamline the information exchange with their clients while finding greater efficiencies in overall data management. Door will now monitor RocketDocs for live updates to information on asset managers’ investment strategies, which are then sent in real-time to Manager Research Teams.

This means asset managers can now provide live data for investment research and due diligence, saving time and ensuring robust distribution of content, critical for clients in managing risk.

Door has recorded almost a 100% increase in information updates during the pandemic period from asset managers looking to streamline their processes and automate distribution of due diligence information as they respond to the challenges caused by Covid.

Prior to the COVID pandemic, a Casey Quirk industry study found that 34% of distribution leaders already labeled technology investments as their number-one priority1. The pandemic has accelerated this digital trend as firms adapt to a world where home working is the norm.

“There is enormous demand for cloud-based solutions that can bridge the office and home, dual working environment, in a secure and robust way,” said Rob Sanders, Co Founder of Door.

“Asset managers have established workflows and systems to manage and control their own data. By connecting to that ecosystem, we can save our asset managers even more time externalizing that data to their wealth management clients,” he continued.

Anne-Marie McConnon, Global Chief Marketing Officer-Investment Management and Wealth Management at BNY Mellon said,”We’ve really accelerated our investment in marketing technologies to improve client experience. Information needs to be delivered to clients faster and much more efficiently. This integration between Door And RocketDocs really helps us. By connecting up our digital services, we can provide a faster and more seamless service.”

Jason Pappas, CEO of RocketDocs said, “RocketDocs is thrilled to offer a seamless integration with Door to our long list of asset manager customers. Both companies already offer tools that bring meaningful efficiencies to completing DDQ’s and this integration adds a whole new level of efficiencies. It is a true one plus one equals three situation.”

About Door

Door is the digital interface used by professional investors to access up-to-date information for fund research and operational due diligence. Door streamlines the information exchange, saving asset managers’ time, improving client experience and reducing investment risk. Door works with over 400 asset managers and manager research teams in 33 countries.

About RocketDocs

RocketDocs is an integrated sales enablement platform that helps clients of all sizes and industries succeed by moving at the speed of sales, with the power of productivity. Our platform of solutions makes it easier than ever to create and respond to RFPs, RFIs, and questionnaires, as well as assemble and configure proposals, contracts, and sales collateral. With over 25 years of innovation under our belt, we know what it takes to build long-lasting, valuable, efficient solutions. Trusted by global brands and high-growth organizations — trust us to help you land bigger, better, faster wins. Book a free demo today!

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