APMP Chesapeake Webinar: Create Better, Faster RFP Responses with RocketDocs

RocketDocs thanks the Chesapeake Chapter of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) for inviting us to present at their September 1 virtual meeting.  The meeting provided chapter and APMP members with an informative session on how automation solutions are improving the response process.

The session, “Speed RFx Responses with Trusted Content” was co-presented by RocketDocs Customer Success Manager Tonya Myers and Director of Revenue Growth Sean O’Connor, using a pit stop analogy to explain how efficiencies realized through proposal automation are helping response teams – like racing teams – gain a competitive advantage.

Tonya described the critical response components – precision, coordination, safety, and speed – and how applying automation to each contributes to improvements.  Tonya shared her experience as an RFP Manager, including a situation when the sudden departure of a manager forced her team to evaluate options to improve their processes.  Investing in a response platform (coincidentally, RocketDocs solutions) enabled her team to organize their content and build trust in their ability to respond to incoming RFx requests quickly and accurately.

Sean followed with a demonstration of how the RocketDocs response platform uses modern technologies to support faster RFx processing, for example, using autofill to quickly find and insert approved content.  Sharing a live system, Sean loaded an RFP into the application, performed the automated parsing and autofill processes, and shared several options to search and identify content items to complete the RFP.

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As a Baltimore-based company, RocketDocs looks forward to contributing to the efforts of the Chesapeake Chapter and participating in future educational and networking events. Kim Fillmore, Enterprise Sales is, currently serving on the APMP CC board, assisting with Program coordination.

The next Chesapeake Chapter meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 6, 2021, from 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm EDT. The October meeting is the chapter’s annual Member and Friends Appreciation Day, where the chapter will host fun games and prizes, and encourage attendees to share their interests and what they would like to learn about in future presentations.  Information on the session is available on the APMP website, www.apmp.org, under the Chapters tab.

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