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RocketDocs: An Active Partner

RocketDocs: An Active Partner

Helen Torbe, Sr. Customer Success Manager

Vendor – the description we hate the most.  Perhaps because at RocketDocs we have been spoiled throughout our history with such great customer relationships.  Our relationship has always been a true partnership.

Being a partner is about supporting the organization as a whole, being there with help and guidance – for the long term, particularly in the current uncertain times.  

Being a partner means becoming an extension of our customer’s business. This matters because a partner assists their customer in developing opportunities by contributing substantial knowledge, expertise, and resources as needed. Our product and services are but one component of a much broader/deeper relationship.

As “vendors” we must change our mindset and our approach. To be truly valuable to our customers and partners we must not simply focus on trying to sell them a product they might need, we must understand the wider objectives they are trying to achieve for their organizations and how we can help them deliver to the organization in an efficient and cost-effective way.

As your partner you can expect from us:

  • Trust
  • Expertise
  • Respect and Resolutions
  • Communication
  • Growth Potential for your team AND your organization


At RocketDocs our goal is to become an active partner, working side-by-side with our customers. Our Customer Success Managers and Professional Services team are unmatched in the RFP world. Many of our team have been in your shoes — coming from a background of RFP writing and sales. So, we know the time constraints, pressure to perform, and ever-depleting resources that you frequently find yourself working in. But our understanding of your business should go beyond just the pressures of the RFP team, to where they sit in the wider organization and how we can help them provide more value and achieve better recognition. 


We have continuously demonstrated an investment in our customer’s success that goes well beyond our competitors and is why we’ve been in business for so long. We offer a selection of support packages based on how hands-on you need us to be. Some of our key and unique features are free of charge, simply because we want you to love working with us.  We are flexible RFP experts and veterans of the field and can guide you when you need a hand to hold. 

Our RFP solutions can boast the shortest learning curve in the response industry. We believe seamless adoption is a key step in getting your team working comfortably within our program, which is why we developed LaunchPad™. With LaunchPad™, the response team works in his or her native instance of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, reducing training needed for efficient use and implementation.

We care because we’ve been in your shoes and we believe our platform resolves many of the pain points you’ll likely encounter in your day-to-day. To learn more about our RFP solutions, book a free demo today!