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The Meaning of Due Diligence in Business

In the intricate web of business operations, due diligence stands as a beacon of prudent decision-making and risk mitigation. It is more than just a business buzzword; it’s an essential practice that can spell the difference between a successful venture and a disastrous mistake. This guide delves into the heart

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How to Automate Recurring Questionnaires

When working with businesses as a third party supplier, you may be asked to complete Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs) and other recurring questionnaires, usually on a quarterly basis. These are instruments used to ensure compliance with industry and legal standards. Recurring questionnaires are particularly prevalent in regulated industries such as

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AI: Form or Function?

I’m sure you’ve already noticed that Artificial Intelligence is a buzz topic in the RFP space. It’s a feature that saves users time and energy, reduces frustration and redundancy, and improves turn-around time. AI’s place in the RFP world has grown significantly, but before you select an AI tool, it’s important to understand how

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Wake Up for BPC Europe

One of the challenges of in-person conferences is dealing with the sleep deprivation travel, time zone changes and conference over-scheduling impose on us.  How many times have you been more fascinated watching the head bobs of a drowsy fellow session attendee than the presenter because you could really use a

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The Golden Circle and My Personal Why

The Golden Circle and My Personal Why Sean O’Connor, Director of Revenue Hopefully, we’re all familiar with Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, but in my time as a career sales professional, I’ve learned how important it really is to consider the Why. The Why is what motivates a team to believe

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RocketDocs: An Active Partner

RocketDocs: An Active Partner Helen Torbe, Sr. Customer Success Manager Vendor – the description we hate the most.  Perhaps because at RocketDocs we have been spoiled throughout our history with such great customer relationships.  Our relationship has always been a true partnership. Being a partner is about supporting the organization

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Top Health Insurer Reduces COVID-19 Response Time Thanks to RocketDocs

Sales enablement technology company RocketDocs has reduced health information response time from 20 minutes to less than two for a top-five health insurer serving more than 40 million U.S. members amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Experiencing a growing flood of inquiries from members, brokers, employers and providers, and struggling with versioning

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