The Evolution from PMAPS to RocketDocs

RocketDocs was formerly named PMAPS Proposal Software, until our rebrand in 2018. Our company was formed way back in 1994 – when modern software development was still in its early stage. Over 25 years later, we’re both proud of our origins, and excited to look ahead to what the future holds.

Let us take you through how the legacy of PMAPS began, and how our team is boosting RocketDocs into the future!


  • Before PMAPS began, our founder worked in Sales and RFPs
  • Our founder learned the 3 common pain points of RFP teams;
    • Time constraints, pressure to perform, limited resources of clients
  • 1994 – In wanting to provide a more effective solution to navigate the sales process, PMAPS Proposal Software was created!
  • 1995 – PMAPS was released commercially
    • Initially targeted to help healthcare companies effectively respond to RFPs


  • 2005 – Proposal Software, Inc. was founded
  • 2007 – The development of PMAPS as a SaaS solution
  • 2007 – We transitioned to a cloud-based SaaS environment
    • Read Transitioning to SaaS Software below


  • 2013 – We transitioned to Navisite Cloud
    • Adopting the worldwide standard for protecting Personal Data
  • 2014 – PMAPS acquired Manager Insights, LLC
  • 2017 – Team size reaches 25 employees at PMAPS
    • Sustainable team growth allowed us to service ever-increasing demand
  • 2018 – We made the decision to rebrand into RocketDocs!


  • 2020 – We launched RocketDocs 2.0!
    • Read Rebrand to RocketDocs and the Launch of RocketDocs 2.0 below

Legacy of PMAPS, from RocketDocs’ longest tenured team member!

When PMAPS Proposal Software was just a few ideas scribbled on a whiteboard back in 1994, Betty Manning was there. Manning, who is now a Customer Service Manager, has been with the company for over 17 years, playing a very influential part in the platform’s major advancements. For instance, PMAPS being the first proposal software platform to successfully embed Microsoft Word.

According to Manning, at this time Microsoft office was in its early stages, which posed many challenges to us and our competitor. But it was PMAPS that was able to provide the first working solution. “It was really brilliant what we built out of it, and how the team configured it in the way that they did. This began our 25 years of development within our platform, along with the hundreds of features that were to come.”

As we continued to push the boundaries of proposal software, we knew that our solution was needed across the globe. So we opened an office in the UK and became a proud Sponsor of the APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals). Becoming an APMP sponsor allows us to create opportunities to connect with new and previous clients across the globe, as well as discover industry trends in the software enablement space. 

Transitioning to SaaS Software 

In 2007, PMAPS Proposal Software started the process of transitioning to a SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution. This allows our users to access applications via a web browser in order to perform their work wherever and whenever they need to. By adopting the SaaS software model, RocketDocs became an early provider of a secure, web-based, proposal software solution.

At RocketDocs, we have continuously evolved our product to meet the needs of our customers. Helen Torbe, one of our Senior Success Managers, has been with RocketDocs for over 12 years and has witnessed this principle play out continually, stating, “RocketDocs places both its employees and its customers at the very center of its values and behaviors. I am proud to say, that we truly listen to our customers. Our main goal is to always make sure that they are delighted in every aspect, of their interactions with RocketDocs!”

We understand that the decisions we make now can undoubtedly affect the success of our company, and more importantly our clients. The early decision of offering RocketDocs as an accessible web application set our clients in good standing for what was to come 10 years later. When COVID-19 arrived and offices were closed, our users were already capable of accessing their work from home.

Rebrand to RocketDocs and the Launch of RocketDocs 2.0

The industry has evolved greatly since PMAPS began in 1994. New technology has emerged, thus welcoming new company’s and competitors to the market. So to retain our impact and relevancy to the industry, we made two vital decisions.

In 2018, we set about rebranding PMAPS Proposal Software to reflect the new and exciting world we found ourselves in. The company had always been successful in evolving and adopting the newest tech opportunities, so it was time to apply that concept to our company image. Rebranding PMAPS to RocketDocs allowed us to introduce ourselves to new companies that had entered the market, and reintroduce ourselves to previous customers, showing that we were always looking to stay on the cutting edge of RFP software solutions – along with the trends that followed!

Then towards the end of 2020, we launched RocketDocs 2.0. Our powerful, but easy-to-use  RFP software solution that you know today, is stocked with the latest features and functionality, such as the ability to work natively in Microsoft Word and Excel, create fully customizable workflows, and have AI driven responses at the click of a button. We focused on tailoring our software to the needs of our users like never before.

PMAPS Proposal Software was founded on the benefits we wanted to bring to the end user. This has remained constant in everything we do, and will continue to do so in every update that we make with RocketDocs.

Future of RocketDocs 

As we strive to seize every opportunity to share the knowledge we gathered over time, RocketDocs will always keep pushing the limits of technology, working to bring the very best software solutions to our users. We’ll do everything to empower our users with software that makes their lives easier, enabling them to win more business.

The company’s values and principles are kept at a high standard by our very own CEO and President, Jason Pappas. “RocketDocs has and always will put its customers first, even if it means spearheading the adoption of new technology and providing its initial solutions. Having said that, it can be challenging or even intimidating at times, but our history proves that we are a company of integrity, innovation, and initiative. So as we continue to soar, we will see it through that our users are equipped to do the same.”

With over 25 years of innovation, we have learned to evolve with every new obstacle we may face in the future. And we believe our continued success has fuelled sustainable growth in the number of employees at our company. We’re always looking to build on our highly-skilled team of employees. They’re the superstars that allow us to match demand –Meet the RocketDocs team here.

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