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The Golden Circle and My Personal Why

The Golden Circle and My Personal Why
Sean O’Connor, Director of Revenue

Hopefully, we’re all familiar with Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, but in my time as a career sales professional, I’ve learned how important it really is to consider the Why. The Why is what motivates a team to believe in the product, in the process, and in finding solutions to the problems that we are trying to solve together.

Two Problematic Constants

In the sales world, there are always the same two constants:

  • Time is of the essence
  • You need to hit your numbers.

Sound familiar? I’m sure you can relate.

In my previous career endeavors, time was always tight. Generating a proposal or getting an answer back to a prospect entailed numerous internal emails back and forth, hunting for content or the right answer, a lack of compliance and consistency, and missed deadlines. Sure, business was won, but replying to a prospect’s request came with stress, long hours, and frustration for all. It always felt like running a marathon just to make the deadline.

The stress to hit the numbers and properly represent a firm can be a constant battle, too. As we learned during COVID, things that are out of our control can happen, and those things can have a major impact on performance.

My personal WHY

I joined RocketDocs with the intention of helping the sales professionals that I deeply sympathized with. I recognized that these were common problems, and I wanted to be part of a team that was looking for solutions. So, I joined RocketDocs. I believed in the way that the RocketDocs2.0 and RapidDocs products enabled teams to collaborate while responding to a request, saving a tremendous amount of time and in effect, helping them hit their numbers and achieve their goals. In my previous roles, I would have loved as proposal generation tool like RapidDocs.  Ultimately, RapidDocs innovates how easily and efficiently a firm wins business. bigger, better, and faster, I take pride in helping firms win all while alleviating stress.

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